June 17, 2016

Suspected lenovo Moto Z Play exposure

A code XT1635 equipment appeared GEEKBENCH database, this is lenovo is widely thought to be in the Tech World conference of Moto referred to Z Play. XT1635[...]
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June 6, 2016

iPhone 7 news exposure

With the approaching of the September, news about the iPhone 7 emerge in endlessly, of course, the foreign media said the latest news, iPhone 7 will carry[...]
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June 1, 2016

Samsung Gear Fit 2 intelligent hand ring configuration exposure

Samsung’s Gear Fit fitness tracking bracelets listed there have been a few years time, and now is time to update. Not long before we see a lot of[...]
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May 12, 2016

Samsung C series two new machine to exposure

There are online exposure within the Samsung Galaxy photo C product training activities and the specific information. According to the Galaxy with the[...]
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May 5, 2016

GlassOuse mouse glasses designed for the disabled

Researchers from time to time will show some innovative control input device, but they show is a kind of technology, more practical than common mouse,[...]
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April 29, 2016

Samsung will push independent VR headsets

It is reported that samsung is developing independent VR devices, at least one paragraph. Message from samsung developers conference, samsung research[...]
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April 26, 2016

IPhone 7 will cancel press Home button

There is the latest news, said apple will adjust the Home button, the main reason is to join the waterproof properties. The iPhone 7 Home button will[...]
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April 20, 2016

Sony’s new flagship will push this summer

Latest news shows that Sony’s new flagship Xperia X Premium gaining momentum, is expected to be released this summer. Reported that Sony[...]
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April 14, 2016

Amazon Kindle Oasis

Amazon has released a new e-book reader “Kindle Oasis”, is at present the Kindle’s thin product. Its ultimate goal is to make hardware[...]
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April 8, 2016

Patent show MacBook products may cancel the keyboard in the future

Last spring 12 inches of apple Retina MacBook let a person shine at the moment, because it is more thin than the MacBook Air. Apple was also carried on[...]
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